Event Recreation

Locate potential witnesses of a past event by scanning social media posts. TrialDrone can do this using location based research or non-location based searching by using trending key words and phrases of interest.

TrialDrone is a valuable tool while building a case file for court.

We can reach back into time and reconstruct the very event being litigated finding eye witnesses and evidence that might otherwise be lost. This means photographs, videos or text. We do this by scanning billions of open sourced public social media posts.

Event Re-creaton Social Media Map

TrialDrone can search within a geographic area from a radius as large as 30 miles and down to as small as 12 square yards -- within a 48-hour window.

By selecting particular key words, and by filtering out the noise -- TrialDrone can pinpoint posts at a critical point in time.

Even those who turn off the geo-locator on their phones, can have their posts discovered by selecting additional words or phrases that infer a location.

The ability to reach back into time and re-create an event, capturing the identity of potential witnesses and evidence that would otherwise be lost -- adds significant value in terms of time and costs and more importantly, results at trial.

TrialDrone – Social Media Intelligence for Trial Lawyers.

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