Leadership Team

This is your TrialDrone Leadership Team.

Sean MacDonald

President and CEO

The founder of Trial Drone Inc., Sean MacDonald, has been a trial lawyer for more than fifteen years. Ten years prior he was a private investigator working for trial lawyers. Sean has twenty-five years of experience gathering evidence that maximizes the chances of success at trial.

In 2001 he opened his own practice handling various corporate commercial, personal injury and other civil and criminal litigation trial matters.

Sean used his talents as well to work pro bono cases on wrongful convictions and has to date been successful in litigating the exoneration of approximately 73 years of wrongful incarceration.

Sean is the recipient of the Young Justice Professional Award from the International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law.

As an experienced and successful Trial Lawyer Sean knows that Trial Lawyers all have one thing in common. “Litigators attempt to re-create a single historical event or events in front of judge or jury or both. To do this, we need the facts. But gathering these facts after the event is a challenge even a disadvantage because often times evidence has gone cold and remains uncovered. That is until now”.

Board member of:
Board Member of the Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted
Board Member of The Innocence Network

Nancy C Sheppard

Chief Operating Officer

TrialDrone Chief Operating Officer began her career as a broadcast journalist spending 15 years in television reporting. Nancy covered a wide range of issues specializing in political affairs. In 2000 Nancy was the recipient of the Dan McArthur Award for In-Depth/Investigating Reporting from the Radio and Television News Director Awards.

In 2005 Nancy put down the microphone and stepped out of the media to join the ranks of political advisors holding various positions both in opposition and in government. Nancy has had the rare opportunity to hold the top political post as Chief of Staff for 2 different political parties.

In government, Nancy served as Senior Advisor to the Deputy Premier, responsible for fostering all legislation and government business through the Nova Scotia House of Assembly.

Nancy executed 2 general elections campaigns as social media webmaster responsible for effective social media strategy and innovative research using the latest technology on hand. This explains Nancy’s enthusiasm putting TrialDrone’s cutting technology to work for litigators.

“I know how powerful social media can be, and now to have the capabilities to intelligently search and report on critical time and events, the potential at trial is incredible”.