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22 February, 2016 Company

TrialDrone launches game-changing technology for trial lawyers

A new cutting edge technology will revolutionize social media intelligence gathering for trial lawyers. The first of its kind, Trial Drone allows lawyers to search billions of public social media posts to recreate an historical event – find potential eye witnesses -- perform background intelligence searches on witnesses to assist with direct and cross examinations -- monitor witnesses’ daily activities to have real time information.

TrialDrone was created by Trial Lawyer Sean MacDonald who officially launched this innovative technology for lawyers today. MacDonald says TrialDrone reaches beyond what traditional investigators are able to produce and does it faster.

"Social Media has largely been the unknown frontier for trial lawyers preparing for trial. Things are about to change. And change dramatically. Trial Drone is the first of its kind and will revolutionize trial preparation as we know it."

— Sean MacDonald, Trial Lawyer and Founder of TrialDrone Inc.

Trial Drone offers:

Event Recreation
Reach back into time and reconstruct the very event being litigated, finding eye witnesses and evidence that might otherwise be lost.

Witness Intelligence
Learn what the witness has said on public social media and, significantly, the ability to see where they said it.

Social Media Link Analysis
Identify a witness’ public social media web of activity – identifying their circle of friends and contacts, zeroing in on undisclosed connections that may show bias (potentially powerful fuel for cross examination).

Real-time Witness Alerts for Live Monitoring
Trial Lawyers can receive real-time alerts of a witness’ public social media activity to their email or mobile devices – at any point from intake/first consultation to trial.

For more information, please contact:

Nancy Sheppard
Chief Operating Officer

Call: 1-844-96-DRONE (37663)