Social Media Link Analysis

Our Link Analysis charts a targeted witness’ circle of public social media friends and contacts – potentially revealing undisclosed relationships that can be devastating on cross-examination.

TrialDrone can reveal a lot about a witness’s social media profile.

Our link analysis can identify a target witness’ circle of public social media contacts – potentially devastating evidence for cross examination.

As of September 2015, twitter had nearly 650 million users, with almost half of those being active users. Every 5 days twitter sees 1 billion posts. TrialDrone now gives lawyers the ability to search this vast number of posts for relevant information about a witness or a person of interest to the dispute they are preparing to litigate.

TrialDrone’s technology uses an advanced set of algorithms and data visualization tools to perform enhanced Link Analysis. This is demonstrated here by this twitter social graph of the witness’s connection to others – potentially with other litigants or witnesses.

TrialDrone – Social Media Intelligence for Trial Lawyers.

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